The APN provides a pipeline of world’s best technology and expertise for research based upon the creation and analysis of validated mouse models of disease.  Researchers may move their project through the full suite of APN capabilities, or access specific services as needed.

The APN pipeline encompasses the creation of animal models for the study of the genetic basis of disease; characterisation processes (genotyping and phenotyping); and curation of both biological material and data.

APN creation
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The production of unique new disease models


The APN provides Australian’s most comprehensive collection of services for the production of unique animals.  We provide a pipeline of animal model infrastructure from creation through to characterization and preservation.


ES Cell to Mouse

CRISPR gene editing

ENU Mutagenesis

Collaborative Cross mouse strains

APN characterisation
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Genotyping and Phenotyping


Tools for the systematic analysis of mouse models are available.


DNA Sequencing

High-throughput quantitative protein phenotyping (RNAi, compound, CRISPR)


APN Cryopreservation
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Curation (biobanking) and sharing of scientific data


Proper curation is fundamental to ensuring that good quality data is aggregated and discoverable.  The APN provides:


Australian Phenome Bank

Cryopreservation services

Data Management

APN Project Management
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At every node of the APN, skilled and dedicated staff offer a combination of scientific, technical and laboratory expertise, and project management services for complex research investigations for and with the research community.

The purpose of the APN is to make otherwise inaccessible infrastructure available and affordable to Australian biomedical researchers.  The APN teams at each node will work with researchers to ensure researchers get the best result achievable for their project and their budget.  They can also help researchers discover and access other appropriate services in the APN infrastructure  “pipeline” and indeed, national NCRIS-funded infrastructure generally. Contact the APN CEO or an APN service provider to discuss your requirements.