A range of high-throughput sequencing platforms is available through our network.

The APN provides this service at ANU

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The APN’s genomic and bioinformatics specialists provide a comprehensive range of services, and tools not otherwise available in standard sequencing services, including:

  • Optimized project design, DNA extraction, library preparation, enrichment and sequencing.
  • Automated, high throughput systems with end-to-end sample tracking and rigorous quality control enabling a rapid turnaround time of 6-8 weeks.
  • Highly refined variant detection and annotation platforms, customized to meet your specific research requirements. We have tailored a package for clinician-led research groups to analyse tumour and matched normal pairs for cancer studies and family trios for rare disease variant discovery.
  • A post sequencing service framework to perform large-scale reproducible analyses that run in a high-performance computer cluster with fast, robust data storage.
  • Data provided in detailed reports to assist in the translation. The information can also be provided as raw data on request.

CRISPR, Compound, RNAi

The APN’s high throughput screening service offers cutting edge genomics (CRISPR, RNAi), compound screening and proteomics technologies for gene discovery and investigation of gene function. This gives researchers the opportunity to study loss-of-function genetics and identify novel genes of interest prior to developing specific animal models.

The APN provides this service at Peter Mac, HPIMR

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Our key platforms support gene discovery through gene suppression (RNAi) or gene knockout (CRISPR) strategies, generally coupled with detailed quantitative cellular phenotypic high content imaging.  Quantitation of protein expression and posttranslational modification is also available through the Reverse Phase Protein Array platform with over 100 antibodies available for analysis in our collection, which continues to expand.


The Histopathology and Organ Pathology Service helps researchers across Australia in histological preparation, analysing histology images and data on genetically modified animals. It generates histological and organ pathology data on mouse models created through APN.

The APN provides this service at University of Melbourne

Clinical Chemistry

The APN provides state-of-the-art high volume instrumentation to study cells, chemical and biochemical mechanisms through body fluids such as blood or urine. Equipment includes:

The APN provides this service at ANU

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Indiko Plus Biochemical Analyser

Routine clinical chemistry & special tests such as specific proteins & drug monitoring

Meso Scale Discovery Unit

Cytokines, chemokines & phosphoprotein products

Advia 2120 haematology instrument

Complete blood cell, white blood cell differential and reticulocyte count

BD LSRII flow cytometer with 3 lasers

Cellular analysis of blood cells

  • 488nm Blue green laser: 2 scatter and 5 fluorescent channels
  • 633nm Red laser: 3 fluorescent channels
  • 405nm Violet laser: 2 fluorescent channels


The APN team provides management to define, plan and execute projects. This includes production of gene variant mice, coordinating and performing demanding phenotyping assays, and providing a range of data management and analysis expertise and services.

The APN provides this service at ANU