Cyropreservation & Biobanking

Australian Phenome Bank

The Australian Phenome Bank is a physical and data repository of genetically modified mouse strains used in medical research in Australia. It currently lists over 2,000 public strains.  It was established and is still generously supported by the Australian Government (NHMRC and APN).

This service is available at ANU in partnership with Monash, ARC

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Centralised repositories are essential if the valuable mouse strains and models that have been developed are to be securely preserved and fully exploited.  Ensuring the ongoing availability of these mouse strains preserves the investment made in creating and characterising them and creates a global resource of enormous value.  The database allows researchers to search for murine strains, housed or archived in Australia, carrying mutations in particular genes, strains with transgenic alterations and for mice with particular phenotypes.

The Australian Phenome Bank provides:

  • a centralized, open access database of gene variant mouse strains stored as frozen stock or live on the shelf of Australia’s leading research institutes. The database allows researchers to submit strains and strain information to the repository, or alternatively search for murine strains carrying a genetic alteration or phenotype of interest.
  • Service provision for murine sperm and embryo cryopreservation, available to all researchers for mice from their genetically modified strains thereby ensuring that a secure back-up of their strain is always available.
  • Service provision for re-animation and/or distribution of achived strains. Strains of interest can be requested from researchers both nationally and internationally.


The services of cryopreservation, storage, reanimation, distribution and importation are streamlined into packages to lower costs and protect research.

Please visit the Australian Phenome Bank website for more information.