Facility ARC

ARC provides:

  • Cryopreservation

  • Australian Phenome Bank

The Animal Resources Centre (ARC) is a self-funding Statutory Authority of the Government of Western Australia.  For over 35 years it has supported Australian and regional Asia-Pacific biomedical research, teaching and testing by producing and supplying genetically-defined, specific pathogen free (SPF) research rats and mice. The outbred, inbred, mutant, hybrid and congenic lines of mice and rats supplied by the Animal Resources Centre meet the exacting world-class demands of contemporary biomedical research via state-of-the-art animal health monitoring, genetic testing, quality assurance, and specialist production and maintenance expertise.

The ARC also offers a cluster of services to customers including cryopreservation and custom rat and mouse strain maintenance.

The Animal Resources Centre (ARC) provides the APN with embryo freezing and reanimation services through the Australian Phenome Bank.  This service complements our support of Australian research, teaching, and testing with genetically-defined, specific pathogen free (SPF) research rat and mouse models.



Patrick Sharp

P:  + 61 8 9332 5033

E:  psharp@arc.wa.gov.au

W: www.arc.wa.gov.au