Create or import a mouse made from embryonic stem (ES) cells

Over the last decade the Monash Embryonic Stem (ES) cell to Mouse (ES2M) service has produced over 135 strains of genetically modified mouse lines and aided in the direct importation of numerous mutant cell lines from international resources.  By providing a leading capability to make genetic associations with disease, the APN make the cost of investigating pathways associated with disease affordable for researchers.

The Monash ES2M service team offers a suite of expertise and experience to assist researchers make best use of this technology.

Capabilities and Service

  • Centralised access to international repositories
  • Ordering and importation of your selected resources (ES cells or mice)
  • Expansion and injection of ES cell lines
  • Production of chimeric mice, and analysis of germline transmission
  • Provision of generated germline mice to your specified animal facility
  • Provision of a protocol for a PCR-based genotyping assay

CRISPR for mice, rats and other animals

The Monash CRISPR service has utilised the CRISPR/Cas9 system for over 100 projects; creating mutant lines with specific point mutations, indels, deletions and the insertion of tags & loxP sites.  The Monash University CRISPR service has successfully created mutant animals in a number of different mouse strains (wild type & genetically modified), as well as different rat strains and we are currently working on utilising CRISPR/Cas9 on the production of genetically modified rabbits.

Capabilities and Service

  • Design and production of project resources
  • Injection of reagents into oocytes (Mouse, Rat, Rabbit)
  • Mutation screening/characterisation of founder animals
  • Breeding of founder mice, and characterisation of resulting progeny
  • Delivery of mutant animals to your specified animal facility
  • Provision of a genotyping strategy

Rat and Rabbit genome modification only available at the Monash University CRISPR Service.

The Monash University CRISPR/Cas9 service is stepping outside the box and providing its researchers with options other than the standard rodent strains for their projects. The service has successfully completed the generation of a number of projects on the non-obese diabetic or NOD genetic background, making modifications in single or multiple genes simultaneously.

The service has also recently confirmed the creation of its first rat knockout, with 18% of the founding pups carrying the expected deletion, and is currently working on the generation of several other rat projects on differing genetic backgrounds i.e. Sprague Dawley & Spontaneously Hypertensive Rat (SHR) strains.

Australian Phenome Bank

The Australian Phenome Bank is both a physical repository and a database.  Based at ANU and operated in partnership with Monash and the ARC, the APB provides essential banking and distribution of mouse strains in Australia.  It safeguards and maximises the value of the enormous investment in creating mouse strains for medical research.

The searchable database can be viewed here

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Monash Genome Modification Platform

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