Peter Mac provides:

  • RNAi services

  • CRISPR screening

  • Compound screening

The Victorian Centre for Functional Genomics (VCFG) at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is “enabling discovery and driving translational medicine with high throughput technologies”.  The VCFG supports an array of cutting-edge genomic and proteomic technologies for high throughput gene discovery and investigation of gene function.

Our key platforms support gene discovery through gene suppression (RNAi), gene knockout (CRISPR) and compound screening strategies, generally coupled with detailed quantitative cellular phenotypic high content imaging. Quantitation of protein expression and posttranslational modification is also available through our Reverse Phase Protein Array (RPPA) platform with over 100 antibodies available for analysis in our collection which is currently expanding.

Our innovative business model in the high throughput screening platform facilitates integration of researchers within the lab, detailed training on all equipment and full bioinformatics support.  The RPPA platform can be easily accessed by sending protein lysates direct to the laboratory after discussion on experimental design.  The VCFG is open to researchers Australia-wide with some capacity for fee-for-service screens now also possible.


Service capability

  • High throughput array-based siRNA encompassing genome scale protein coding (human and mouse), long non-coding and miRNA collections
  • Large scale short-hairpin RNAi pooled human genome library, quantitative NGS sequencing and analysis pipelines
  • Pooled CRISPR screening libraries (human and mouse), quantitative NGS sequencing and analysis pipelines
  • Cellular barcoding using a pooled lentiviral approach
  • Reverse Phase Protein Array (RPPA) quantitative proteomics
  • Small scale boutique compound screening
  • Seahorse metabolic bioanalyser
  • Quantitative high content imaging
  • Extensive automated liquid handling capabilities
  • MetaCore and Oncomine site licences for data analysis
  • Fully integrated guidance from the conception of a screen through assay development and optimisation, performing the screen and subsequent bioinformatics analysis
  • Confidential grant writing and budgetary support



Assoc Prof Kaylene Simpson

P:  +61 3 8559 7509



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