The APN is a national system of research facilities and expertise, delivering infrastructure enabling biomedical discovery and translation.

Phenomics provides the tools and animal models to support the large-scale, systematic study of gene function.  The phenomics approach seeks to help clinicians to discover gene function, to determine the genetic causes of disease, and to deliver more tailored medicine for individuals. The era of precision medicine is dawning, and promises to transform society. The APN suite of cutting edge technologies and expertise is helping Australia’s scientists remain at the forefront of discovery and translation.

APN News Promoting NCRIS

Promoting NCRIS infrastructure to the Medtech and Pharma sector.

Five facilities of high relevance to Australia’s MedTech and Pharma sector will introduce their unique capabilities and highlight ways in which the nation’s research and academic infrastructure can be harnessed to solve business R&D problems.

APN News

National Research Infrastructure Roadmap

Australia’s Chief Scientist, Professor Alan Finkel and several members of his Expert Working Group, visited two APN nodes as part of preparing the updated Roadmap.

APN News

FHTTA 2018 Meeting

Registrations are now open for the 2018 Functional High Throughput Technologies Australia meeting being held on October 24-25 at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, ANU, Canberra. See the conference website for more information and to register your attendance.



APN creation
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The production of unique new disease models

APN characterisation
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Genotyping and Phenotyping

APN Cryopreservation
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Curation (biobanking) and sharing of scientific data

APN Project Management
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Professionally managed scientific & technical services

The APN was established in 2007 and is one of the founding NCRIS capabilities.
NCRIS supports Australia’s research capability by investing in research infrastructure and making it accessible to researchers across the nation.

NCRIS co-investments through the APN have built and delivered the research infrastructure services necessary to accelerate biomedical discovery and translation.  The APN creates, characterises and curates animal models of human disease, enabling new understanding of disease mechanism, leading to therapeutic innovations.